• Providing essential computer, fundamental business & vital educational support
    to Women by Women!

  • Improving the computer literacy &
    capabilities of all Women with
    instruction by Women.

  • Including vast online discussion forums
    of a broad variety of IT topics
    for today's Woman

  • Technical assistance for all your computing needs on all devices by Women
    technical experts.

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Welcome to HerComputer

Confidence. Understanding.
Peer group support. Empowerment. Education. Creativity.
Mastery of information technology by way of women helping women.

Business Woman with LaptopIn a world where women may feel overwhelmed and out-numbered and inexperienced in the technology industry, we want to give you another world where women are empowered, understood and ultimately, heard.

It’s time for women to have a “world of their own” in realm of information technology. A literal connection of peers and virtual community specifically targeted to, at and by women.

We are about to embark on a journey that has been over a decade in the making. Business plans have been vetted. Infrastructure is evolving as we speak. A dedicated and talented group of women and a guy with a great idea want to introduce HerComputer to the visionaries and dreamers out there like us. People who recognize a great idea when they see it…who see a market for such an idea…and who understand that nothing extraordinary happens with just one person…or two…but an enthusiastic force of like-minds and literally, a world of resources both intellectual and tangible.

Please join us in our efforts to revolutionize the information technology
world for women everywhere!

How better for women to understand the way other women need to learn and maneuver the world of technology than by other women? Where they encourage and assist one another with technical questions, IT support, educational support, marketing, web-design and social media assistance and thrive in a forum of ideas and inspiration? A world where women who may normally feel intimidated or out-numbered by the more dominant roles that men have traditionally played in information technology, where they can learn a specific skill or program, from women who see, interpret and teach those skills or programs in the intuitive way that women best learn?

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Women of the World

About Us

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HerComputer's mission is to provide essential computer, fundamental business and vital educational support to a specific audience: Women

Meet the Team

Click here to read more about the HerComputer Executive Board and Technical Experts!

Margie Farago Margie Farago

image Letha Moon

image Alice Dawley Toler

Have Questions?

The HerComputer team of Technical Experts is happy to answer any questions regarding a myriad of technical topics. Sign up today to join our Technology Forum!


We'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions! Just visit our forum and post here.

Why HerComputer.us

  • Empowerment +

    Helping women overcome the challenges of technology.
  • Our Misson +

    It's simple, to provide essential computer, fundamental business and vital educational support to a specific audience: Women
  • Our Goal +

    Integrate, strengthen, uplift and transform women’s confidence and capabilities in the realm of computers, technology, social media, and the ability to skillfully navigate the world of the Internet.
  • Infrastructure & Intelligence +

    HerComputer has the infrastructure and intellectual clout, all powered and inspired by women themselves, to change the information technology horizon, as we know it!
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What Our Clients Say

  • I think this is a great concept! Women can be quite computer literate, but I think we view the screen itself, and it's content, differently than men. - Marian Williams
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