Margie Farago Margie Farago

My journey with technology started over 25 years ago when computers just started showing up in the workplace. I found myself intrigued with their limited capability and strived to do more with each new generation. Over my career as an Information Technology Engineer, I have been involved in all aspects: user support, application design and development, databases, servers, security, network, project management, process improvement, testing and anything else having to do with computing in a large organization. I was particularly drawn to working with customers design new software applications to improve their work productivity and efficiency. It was extremely satisfying to personally work with women progress through the process of developing something they were proud to use on a daily basis to improve their productivity. These women were always thinking of the big picture on how this new process would improve the work efficiency for others within the organization. I consider myself a “power user” with all the Microsoft Office Suite of products. I’ve build websites for my own business and manage websites for various communities. Improving computer literacy for others has been the highlight in my career and I take great pride in being on the HerComputer team.

Letha Moon Letha Moon

I am originally from Tyler, Texas and was a Florida resident from 1997 to 2014. Now I have returned home to the source of my heart in Texas. My varied interests include reading, cooking, and playing the violin and piano. I am also an avid animal lover... currently I am mommy to Coco Moon a half Chihuahua and half Mini-Pincher and Pandora the cat, and I adore the beach and being in the sun.

My professional career began in retail and later I discovered that I had an incredible talent for understanding and working with technology. I began building websites in 1999 and branched out into other specialized areas over the past 16 years. I am now an expert in website & graphic design, server hosting, database design and administration, network and inter-office server management, e-mail marketing and campaign management as well as a variety of other aspects related to technology services. I also have incredible insight into customer driven layouts.

I graduated with honors and holds an Associate's of Science in Information Technology degree from the University of Phoenix, completed my Bachelor's degree majoring in Database Administration in December 2012, and my Master's Degree in Information Systems in June 2014 all with a 4.0 GPA.

Alice Dawley Toler Alice Dawley Toler

In the "world" of HerComputer and the depth of talent, intelligence and success of all the faces we represent, our visionary saw a purpose to put a "human face" on what we do. The virtual world we live within now is becoming smaller while it is simultaneously becoming bigger. Alice Toler comes to us from a broad array of knowledge and practical experience. It is this moxie combined with her diverse interaction in the technology world that we envision her role as to become one of those "human faces" at the forefront of this adventure.

A Magna Cum Laude honors graduate in Government from California State University Sacramento, Alice's background is rooted in government affairs, regulatory policy, lobbying, human resources, project management and event production. Having worked in myriad capacities in technology and social media, she has experienced almost all angles of the spectrum. As a consumer, an advocate, a student, an operations director, a marketing manager, a writer, a weekend-warrior-film-maker, a parent, a typical user of social media, and of course, as a woman.

Alice's strengths lie in her energy for life and learning, communication, empathy and the ability to connect with people on an intimate level; a level that is both personable and relatable. She spent 10 years as a professional dancer/cheerleader in the NBA and the NFL, honing her communication skills and ability to blend in naturally with groups of people from the corporate world, through multiple levels of media and communications professionals, to working with charitable organizations and educational entities to accomplish meaningful goals.

Personally, Alice resides in Northern California, with her son. She serves as Co-Vice President of her son's elementary school Parent-Teacher Organization and has recently served an elected two-year term on her local School Site Council, which oversees technology, budgetary and curriculum decisions for the elementary school. While not working, Alice enjoys travel, reading, collecting wine, creating and editing films for her son and his school, volunteering and working out.

Leslie R. Meyers Leslie R. Meyers

As New York State certified teacher for K-6 General Education + 7-9 Mathematics, I taught Computer Technology in the public school when it was a fledgling class from 1987-1990. I has also taught in a 3rd grade classroom and a Gifted & Talented program. Currently, I work for Educate Online, which provides competency-based online instruction in reading and math for both K-12 schools as well as Higher Education institutions. I also teach online students and is also a member of the Instructor Recruitment and Training Team responsible for interviewing, hiring and training new teachers in the online learning environment. In addition, I home-schooled my two special needs sons from elementary school through high school using a computer based curriculum for them throughout middle and high school.

Melva Todd Elliott Melva Todd Elliott

I am a business systems analyst with over 27 years of experience. I have worked extensively in data processing and data management. I am very skilled at problem solving as it relates to automated business systems. I am also experienced in creating easy to follow technical job aids and technical content. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems in 1992. I obtained my Masters in Information Systems Management in 2009. I maintain my knowledge and skills by not only working as an analyst in various industries but also by teaching the subject at the college level. I have been an adjunct professor for the last 5 years in conjunction with my full time analyst position.

I have had success as a professional trainer and adjunct professor in the subjects of information systems, relational database management and business processing. I have a passion for helping others understand technology. I like to break down terms into simple language that is easily understood and easier to follow. I believe that user interface should always be simple. Technology is not your enemy.

Kelley Dash Kelley Dash

I am the owner of The Busy Buddy, a business support services company that helps businesses get more done when time, staff and resources are limited. My professional career started in information technology in 1999 where I sold hardware, software and services as well as managed IT projects in the public and private sector. Seeing an opportunity to help small businesses, I established The Busy Buddy in 2009 to help businesses who wanted to outsource functions of their business and still operate efficiently for increased productivity. My services are offered on a monthly and project basis in the areas of operational support, administrative, marketing and social media management.

Aline Elie Aline Elie

I have been working in the technology area for over 23 years. I started by taking over the management of a fleet of vehicles. It wasn’t long before I created a database to track the vehicles and their parking violations and I’ve been creating databases and systems ever since. Over the years I’ve been involved in several aspects of technology, including manning help-desks, being a level one field technician and running project management teams. My current focus includes programming, systems analysis and administration. I also have in-depth experience in systems purchasing, conversions, training, documentation, manuals and workflows.

Everything I do with technology has always been to help people and make their jobs or lives easier. My passion is dealing with people...dealing with computers.

Linda Lindquist Linda Lindquist

Linda Lindquist has been in the software engineering computer field since graduating from Millersville University with a degree in mathematics in 1970, working for Burroughs, Unisys, Xerox and AT&T, helping these companies improve their processes for developing software. After moving to North Fort Myers, FL in 2006, I started Computer and Internet Help to provide computer services to residents and small businesses in the area.

I became a certified A+ IT Specialist in 2009. Having found that 98 out of 100 computers are infected with malicious software (malware) and viruses, I have become an expert at removing these threats and was certified as a malware removal specialist (CMRS) in 2014. I am committed to keeping computers safe and am an authorized reseller of Emsisoft Anti-malware software. I provide onsite and remote computer support services. I joined the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and American Business Women's Association in 2014 in order to give some of her talents back to the community.