Business Woman with LaptopThe HerComputer mission is to provide essential computer, fundamental business and vital educational support to a specific audience: Women. Our goal is to integrate, strengthen, uplift and transform women’s confidence and capabilities in the realm of computers, technology, social media, and the ability to skillfully navigate the world of the Internet. Whether you are creating a vision, developing an idea or needing to expand your business—we want to help women simply understand and fully connect the potentials of the female mind with the unlimited possibilities that abound.

This is the foundation upon which HerComputer was inspired.

HerComputer will accomplish this mission as the world's premier learning company for women-to-women teaching, guiding, mentoring and networking.

Why is this Important?

Women are receiving over half of the bachelors of science degrees today compared to men but only 18.4% of those are in computer science, putting women in a minority of the represented workforce.

We know that women think, learn, understand, plan and execute thought processes and even fundamental communication differently than men.

How better to speak to those differences and needs than a specialized forum where women can connect and collaborate, all within the context of the female mind and how we best understand? HerComputer wants to help women improve their lives, as well as their childrens' and families' lives, through mastery of technology and the Internet…on women’s terms.

The context that underlies our offering at HerComputer is in the basic premise that men generally follow a series of linear steps to solve problems or learn while women are typically more intuitive and holistic thinkers. The female mind tends to solve a problem or learn something new by understanding the relationship of each part in conjunction to the whole. Men focus on technical aspects of mutually exclusive parts. Women focus on how all of the parts come together to produce an all-around understanding and mastery of knowledge. Women’s minds are intuitively hard-wired to grasp and process the technical nuances of the IT world that is still under-represented and under-utilized by well over half of the world’s population.

Eli Davidson said it best: Men communicate like they are walking a straight line, while women communicate like they are tossing a salad!

HerComputer has the infrastructure and intellectual clout, all powered and inspired by women themselves, to change the information technology horizon, as we know it.

Business Woman with Laptop