o Unlimited online discussion forums on relevant IT topics and programs such as: Wordpress, Quickbooks, Word, Excel, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, web design, and many more, where questions can be asked and our HC staff will answer for you, usually within a few hours;

o Technical support for software programs via online chats, telephone, email, and message boards;

o Assistance with Internet navigation as it pertains to research, understanding of browsers, protecting personal information, Internet security, and much more Internet-related needs;

o E-commerce store primarily selling digital products and services but also including merchandise by HC and its partners from thumb drives to t-shirts;

o Online classified ads only accessible to members but available to millions of potential readers from HC partner services and products as well as individual HC members needing a forum for advertising or other needs only online classifieds can offer;

o Community referrals for local services or IT support where you live;

o A technology-based social media forum for women to meet, network and collaborate with other women in their same fields, with similar goals or needs, and founded in the spirit of “women supporting women” as only they can do;

o A HerComputer program similar to “Shark Tank” where important and original ideas from our members have a special, niche community to grow and gain funding through their visionaries who are creating them from “inside” the HC site;

o And much, much more as HerComputer develops, grows and evolves into a global community of women of every age, race, color, creed, nationality, socioeconomic level, language and knowledge level from the “stay-at-home-mom” to the retired grandmother to trail-blazing technology professionals specializing in myriad IT sectors.